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The development of a brand identity for Tristan Sheets Architecture.


I find that an important part of designing a brand identity, is to sketch down any ideas that could potentially lead to further development. Once I have a range of vague ideas, I present them to the client, so they can express their opinions and provide me with feedback. Once a particular design direction has been selected, I begin the development of the logo.

ts logo photoshop.png
tristo logo-01.png

Tristan Sheets Architecture

Development & Final Branding

Once the logo icon for this logo was designed, I experimented with colour, size and typography, to determine what would be most appropriate to the functionality of the logo. While I did like the different colors of the logo that I experimented with, I knew that realistically, the logo would be used on floor plans that would often be printed in black and white. In order to keep the brand identity consistent, it would be easier and more appropriate to keep the logo as black. I experimented with the positioning of the logo, where I turned it 90 degrees so it the ‘T’ is the right way up. This made the ‘S’ within the logo unrecognisable as an ‘S’. I experimented with a variety of typefaces, but the two that I narrowed it down to were most appropriate to the functionality of the logo. Both the sans and sans-serif typefaces look professional, but I recognised that the sans typeface was more appropriate for architecture, as it is straight and structured and appears to be more modern. The sans-serif typeface rather presents ideas of luxury and being expensive. In an effort to make the logo more relatable for more target audience, I felt that the sans font was most appropriate.

tristo final logo.png


tristo mochups.png

A logo on its own is never enough for a brand to promote their identity. Appropriate touchpoints must also be designed, and work cohesively together, in order for target audiences to interact and engage with the brand in some way. I designed a note book and business cards for this brand, and also designed examples as to how the logo would be displayed on architecture documentation.

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