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My Skills

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Creativity is a skill that is becoming more useful and important in the changing workforce. It is a skill that I am constantly developing through my university experience and projects in both design and communication.

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Communicating in a succinct and professional manner is an incredibly important skill to have, to ensure that I can engage with others in an applicable manner. Effective communication is a skill that I have further developed throughout my time at university, and within my part-time jobs. In Strategic Communication, one of my degrees, developing professional and succinct communication skills is at the core of the degree. Understanding how to formulate and share ideas in a way that can be easily understood and interpreted is essential. Being able to listen to other’s ideas and take them on board is just as important.


Communication is a skill that I further developed during COVID-19. The pandemic restricted us at university to work from home and have classes online. This meant that I needed to learn how to communicate my ideas and opinions in a more succinct manner, as communicating online is more difficult than when face-to-face.


Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill that I have been developing and improving over the last few years. Public speaking is a task that is common within my communication and graphic design degrees, as I often need to pitch ideas and deliver presentations to academics and large groups of fellow students. Public speaking is also involved in my part-time work, where I travel to high schools in Perth and rural locations, and deliver presentations about university and other forms of higher education.



Collaboration is an essential process in design. I have come to understand that it is important to share my ideas and projects with others, that they can be analysed and critiqued from different perspectives. It has taught me to welcome feedback, and to improve my work from as a result of it. 


Collaborating with others and receiving different opinions and ideas is vital in order to develop a project that has a bigger picture, and is more relevant to a greater number of people.


I love working with others, voicing my ideas, and listening to the ideas and opinions of others.


All of the projects within this portfolio involved collaboration. 



Being able to get along with others easily and communicate with everyone effectively is an important skill to have, to ensure that you are able to work effectively . Even though I am a naturally sociable person, I have still developed skills in being able to interact with others effectively through constantly meeting new people in my degree and part-time jobs. This allows me to form strong relationships with peers, colleagues and clients quickly.


All of the projects within this portfolio contributed to the development of my interpersonal skills. 



Working in teams has been a large part of my university experience. I have enjoyed working in teams comprised of different people, and teams of different sizes. Teamwork has taught me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses, ensuring to harness my strengths, but also to accept my weaknesses and learn the skills that I may not be strong in from others. It has taught me to respect others’ ideas and opinions, and build professional relationships with my peers and colleges. 

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Leadership/Team & Project Management

I enjoy being within a leadership role in team projects. I am an organised individual and like to be the one to plan out projects. I also enjoy allocating tasks and being the mediator of the team.

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